Righetti's Self Restaurant is a local landmark, central to Vicenza's historical district, Piazza Duomo. The restaurant is built inside of a majestic 17th century palace and is only a few steps from Piazza dei Signori.

Righetti's environment is warm and friendly since it is family owned and operated for more than thirty years.

The customer can choose to eat in different and comfortable, spacious rooms as well as outside within the square. The restaurant is self-service and has a varied and quality menu that offers different veneto-cuisine dishes each week.


Each customer who arrives at the restaurant chooses a table, sets it, and goes to the counter to choose his courses; ordering is done directly with the cooks. Draft drinks are available, but don't miss out on the pleasant selection of bottled wines.

After dining, each customer goes to pay at the cash desk where we are sure that there will be a pleasant surprise, the icing on the cake of a Righetti's lunch!

Righetti Self Service Restaurant VICENZA  www.selfrighetti.it

Righetti , lunch and dinner:

lunch  12.00 t0 15.00

dinner 19.00  to 22.00 from Monday to Friday